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Transforming Our World

Something is shifting in our world and we can assist in that change. Each and every one of us who holds a healing consciousness will play a part in the coming global transformation of ‘a world that works for all.’ Continue reading

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A Heart Overflowing

Each of us has much to be thankful for. We’re alive. There is beauty in the world. There is so much beauty in us. Whatever hard times we might be going through, we can remember that they will pass and we will celebrate once more. Continue reading

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Loving Ourselves

If only we could see ourselves through the eyes of love, we would realize that each one of us is a tender, loving being, making our way in the world as best we know how. We are learning, we are trying, we are in the process of discovering who and what we really are. Continue reading

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143 Days – Love Unlimited

These were the days of miracles, days when love conquered fear, days many thought they would never live to see. People are expected to cry at weddings, but imagine the emotion of a gay wedding with families who have waited for more than forty years.

As a spiritual principle, love can never be limited. Whenever groups of people begin to realize that ‘ah, yes, these people matter too,’ then human dignity becomes expanded. More people are recognized as worthy, honorable human beings. Less conflict exists, less judgment. These are the ways of love. This is why gay marriage matters so much. Continue reading

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The Purr of Contentment

The ability to be completely aware in the moment, to be grateful for this moment, and to express that gratitude is a lovely lesson. And to realize that gratitude heals is to remember that we have within us the mechanism of self-repair. Continue reading

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Women in Spirituality

Throughout human history women have been praying, grieving, weeping, suffering, and trying to make sense of a world filled with unspeakable joy and unbearable sorrow. Who were some of these great teachers of the past? Continue reading

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A New Freedom

Today, many people have been crushed and brutalized by an economy that discards them and are beginning to reclaim their lives. If you’ve been in the workforce for years and then suddenly laid off, it creates a lot of fear. But, there is another way. Continue reading

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