A New Freedom

Taking Back our Lives

There is so much tension in the world these days, especially in this American life that surrounds us.  We’re at war and have been for so long that it’s hardly news.  And still, young men and women are dying every day.  The stock market is plunging; the economy is crumbling.  Ten to twelve percent of Americans are out of work.  Most of the workers left behind are increasingly stressed and living in fear.  How did we come to this point and what can we do as spiritual, ethical people to take back our lives?

Throughout history many people of conscious, especially Mennonites and Quakers, have opposed and resisted war.  This effective strategy helped to end the war in Vietnam.  Sir, No Sir is a documentary that tells the suppressed story of American soldiers’ resistance to war and their impact on history.

Today, many people have been crushed and brutalized by an economy that discards them and are beginning to reclaim their lives.  If you’ve been in the workforce for years and then suddenly laid off, it creates a lot of fear.  But, there is another way.  Many people now live in the underground economy.  Thousands have given up the job hunt and begun to imagine what they might do as alternative work, alternative enterprise, and to envision a new way of living.   People are tapping into new parts of themselves, things they are uniquely gifted and passionate about.  This important leap away from corporatized work will ultimately change society and help us reclaim our lives.

Imagine what you might do if you could do anything, if you could find a way to live in the truth of who you really are.  Imagine how the world will benefit when greater numbers of people begin to live out their dreams and passions instead of using their life energy dictated by a corporation’s agenda.  Living your own life, marching to your own drum is a deeply spiritual act.  It is good to support each other in this vision, to begin to tell stories of alternative successes, and to free ourselves from the fear that without a regular job and a regular paycheck, we will fall into ruin.

Life is much bigger.  We have much more potential for success than we can possibly know.  Let’s begin to tap into our own creativity and our own way of working in the world.

To your success…


About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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