Come Dance With Me

The Best is Yet to Come.

A sign on a Center for Spiritual Living advertising their Sunday sermon. To me, it was a sign from God. I have been visualizing my shoulder dancing and healing.

Let me explain. I had a painful frozen shoulder for five months. It was an athletic injury. I had lived with the pain, thinking that it would go away on its own. Now, I realize how crazy that was.

In the meantime, I couldn’t carry home my own groceries up my three flights of stairs. I was putting peppermint oil by the gallon on at night so that I could sleep. I asked my doctor for an Rx for 800-strenght Motrin to help me through the pain.

When the pain became too great to bear, I went in to see a shoulder specialist, a tall 6′ 8″ surgeon, who formerly was an athlete. While he towered over me, when he put two fingers on my shoulder. The pain was so great, my knees buckled. He diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder. Two weeks later, he did a two-minute noninvasive surgery, call an MUA, manipulation under anesthesia.

The same day of the surgery, I went to a rehab gym where the Richard, the owner, worked on my limp arm. It hung like a wet noodle, with a nerve block still in it. It was fascinating how a nerve block could cut off the mind’s connection to the body. I could not move my hand without lifting it up with my other hand. I tried with all my might to make a fist, and the fingers stayed flat and still. Wow!

While Richard was working on my body, he had me visualize my body whole and perfect in every way.  He told me to imagine with my mind that my shoulder was freed up where it had been constricted, dancing like there was no tomorrow.

While he worked on me, he taught me to visualize my shoulder before and after. Before –  my shoulder was in a crowded tent with a lot of people moving in chaos, trying to be free, and it kept hitting against the tent and the people in the most jarring and painful manner.

After – my shoulder being free. My shoulder was in a high, beautiful tent with a great dance band playing. It was free and dancing in wild abandon. All of the people in the tent cleared the way. They began to cheer as my dance partner (my mind) and I took the floor and danced together in perfect freedom.

What a difference visualizing dancing made in my mind. During that tortuous rehab process, I’ve visualized my shoulder as Dancing with Stars, the audience clapping for us, and my mind and me getting a perfect 10 score.

Every time that we are healing a part of our body, we have to visualize perfection, so that our mind can tell our body the perfect pattern for healing. We have to love our body, especially while it it is healing. We have to let the spirit move the body. We have to believe that everything in us is connected. Because it really is. That is the nature of our miraculous, holistic bodies.  We balance and optimize our mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. We must love our bodies, even as they heal.

It is the wise person who knows how to use their mind and their spirit to heal their bodies. Great doctors who assist in healing the body know that it is the spirit as well as the mind that will be ultimately make our bodies pain-free. What a joy that is. Come dance with me in freedom, knowing how powerful and well-connected our minds, our spirits and our body really is.

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Share Your Love

“Love can recognize good things even in bad situations. Love keeps a tiny flame alight even in the darkest night”.  Pope Francis

This is your life, this is your chance to express your love. Doing what you love makes your brain and body relax. You have the power of love right inside of you. Do what you love and do it frequently. If you love to paint, get the canvas and the brushes out. If you love to write, make sure that you write as often as you can. You have to make doing what you love a priority. Being proud of yourself is the greatest recipe for happiness that I know of.

If something in your life seems painful or too much to bear, go out and express your love. Do something that you love. Love will free you. Love and gratitude are the great antidote to pain, both physical and emotional.

When I was younger, and suffering from monthly PMS, caused by too much estrogen flooding through my system, I used to get headaches. I found out that the antidote for me was painting. The moment I picked up a brush and started to paint, the headache magically went away, because my focus was on something I loved doing.

When we are in pain, it is especially important to not shut down. Open your heart, arms, and mind to new adventures and people. When you are with other people, listen. Ask what their passion is. Watch them light up. In this age of information overload, it is such a beautiful gift, listening with an open heart. Then, share your passion with them. Share your dreams. We are all much more alike then we can ever imagine.

Travel as much as you can. Going to new places is a mind-altering adventure. Travel feeds your heart and well as your mind.  As you expand your mind, you create memories that will last you the rest of your life. You cannot help but think about new opportunities and new ways of being because you are seeing other ways of being right in front of your eyes.

At every Celebration of Life Service, that I have heard ever done, people express their love for the person, regardless of the mistakes that he or she made. Don’t wait to express your love. Do it while you still can.

Life is about people and experiences and the memories and adventures that you create with them. This life on earth is precious and short. Do what you love. Go out and start creating memories with people. Make it a beautiful life. Share your passion with others. They might even help you live out your dreams.

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Starting Over

“Thank God, we don’t have to do it all alone.” Voice of wisdom from somewhere deep inside.

This morning I woke up from two back-to-back dreams. In one, I was sleeping on the couch of a good friend. She asked me to leave. It was my last day. I was supposed to go and ask the priest if I could stay in the church because I was homeless in the dream and had no material possessions. That was a frightening dream.

In the second dream, I was on my way to teach school on top of a hill. While I was walking up hill to meet the students for the first time, I realized that I had forgotten the notes. I didn’t know the students’ names. I had only a vague idea of what I was teaching. I hoped and prayed that my past experience teaching students would be enough.

Dreams are prophetic. I am at a point in my life, where I have to start over again. I feel so disconnected from the things I knew before. It is scary to have to start over. Many people have had to start over with nothing. People whose houses have burned down, people who have been given a diagnosis from a dread disease, people who have put their life savings into a failing business, people who have found themselves giving up the life that was so familiar to them and starting all over again.

When you are young and starting out in life making your way is exciting. When you come to the middle of your life and have to start over it feels like a monumental task. Thank God, we don’t have to do it all alone.

One thing I know for sure, is that we have what it takes. Deep inside of us we have courage, we have resilience, and we have strength. The rational part of us, knows we are not disconnected in this world. There is plenty of help around. We can always call on a Higher Power, knowing it runs through us and all around us all the time. We can always call on the help of other people who may be angels in disguise.

By the time we are older, we have wisdom. We know that we have many resources if only we can center ourselves, and not let the fear overtake us. That is what my dreams were all about. Fortunately they were just dreams, sent to teach me the action steps that I need to know to start over.

God is always protecting us. God protects us while we sleep, in dreams, and while we are awake. She gives us all the information that we need to know, that we have everything right inside of us to start over. It will be all right. In fact, it could lead to our greatest glory so far.

A Prayer for Today 

Know with me that you are never alone. God is where you are right now. You have only to look within to know that you are guided, you are protected, and you are oh-so loved, by a God who knows only good.


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The Road to Hope and Joy

“Touch the world, and it touches you back.” Gail Caldwell

That is a beautiful quote from Gail Caldwell’s rowing coach. Gail’s book is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her moving account of how her life fundamentally changed at 60, when she was given another chance at life. The memoir is entitled, New Life, No Instructions. New life can begin at any age. How easy is it for us to forget that one tiny different action or decision will change the world around you.

To get to the profound change in her life, she had to overcome, at middle age, a multidue of blows. Stories like that are my all-time favorite. For me, it speaks of redemption, grace and hope. It means that if one person can do it, I, too, can do it. I have grace and hope inside of me. We all do. We can redeem our lives at any age.

Change, however, is hard. There’s so much working against it. Our daily habits. Our daily mindsets, our blindspots. Our subconcious minds. To change our lives for the better, to become physically and mentally free and able to move forward again takes a lot of emotional courage.

In every heroic story the protagonist faces incredible odds and yet overcomes them. She figures out a strategy. She calls on help. She uses her wits, And then, seemingly against all odds, she prevails. We need more stories like that so that we too can believe in the hero in us.

I used to watch the Lone Ranger on television when I was a kid. The values expressed in that show were loyalty, can-do-ism, and strength. These were ways of being that I admired. We all want to be heroic, courageous, and strong. And when we find someone who has done something remarkable, we identify. That, my friends, is the hero in us.

It feels so good to be a hero. It takes enormous courage for us to finally come to terms with the fact that the way we have been living doesn’t work anymore. with the lessons we are learning, it feels so good to be strong enough help somebody out of their trouble.

Sometimes it takes bottoming out, being in so much pain that we refuse to live like this anymore. And so we look around for a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of living.

The lessons that we learn through pain can finally catapult us to a new life. Whatever you are going through, I know that you have it in you to change your whole life. It all starts with just one different thought, one different perspective. ‘I can’t live like this anymore. I want to be free.’ When we make that decision in our minds, we are on the road to hope and joy.

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Turning Pain Around

What do we do when bad things happen to us, like an unexpected diagnosis or a broken marriage? We can ask ourselves, ‘how can I be powerful in the face of this problem or trauma’? We have to remember that we are still powerful somewhere deep inside. We have to remember that the Power of God is always surrounding us.

As I am writing this, I have a painful frozen shoulder. It keeps me up at night. What I know about excruciating pain is that the first thing to do is call on God for help. We are not alone. Everyone has had pain at one time or another. No one gets out of this life without pain.

When we are vulnerable, remember that God is available 24/7. God specializes in urgent care. Pain stresses the body. And when the body is under stress the mind can’t think clearly. We need to move forward in our minds to a place of love, touch and connection.

We can dig deep within our inner being and rely on our own courage, strength, and grace, to face something seemingly unbearable. Painful and traumatic experiences offer us an opportunity to learn to empower ourselves and to become more compassionate and resilient. The great French artist, Cezanne painted many masterpieces throughout his pain.

We must remember that pain eventually ends and that something inside of us, from the moment we are faced with that seemingly impossible experience, is already working to make us stronger, and healing us. We have power over how we react to the painful times in our lives.

That is the great hero consciousness in us. All we have to do is tap into the power of God. And we will find more love than we could ever take in. When we are vulnerable and we look for help, we often find unexpected angels everywhere.

Visualize the desired outcome even though we can’t see our way out of this pain yet. Believe in a Higher Power more than ever before, knowing that we can heal from this pain, no matter how long it has been going on. Start seeing the gifts in whatever you are going through. One fine spring day you will be able to pass the pearls of your hard-earned wisdom onto others.

                                                             Action Steps

  1.  Visualize yourself as whole, happy, and having a Higher Power flow in and through you. See it, feel it, tap into it.
  2. Believe with your whole heart that you can heal.
  3. Know that you will get through this time in your life, and when you do, you will share your wisdom and compassion with others.

I believe in the hero in you. Love heals. Open your heart to that love and let it pour in.

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Stepping into the Winner’s Circle

What makes you feel like a winner? You already are a winner. You have everything it takes. You have natural God-given intelligence. Inside of your body, every cell has been perfectly crafted. There are limitless possibilities inside of you. That already makes you a winner in this game called life. The odds of you even being born were 400,000 trillion to 1. (source Huffinton Post, Are you a Miracle, June 2011, Dr. Ali Binazir)

And yet you made it.

You graduated successfully from infant to taking your first step when you were a toddler. The world was full of wonder. Everything you touched with your small fingens, every fragrance that you smelled, everything that you put in your mouth was a joy, a delight, an amazing wonder. You were learning by reaching out into life itself to see what was around you that was so delightful.

And then something happened. As we got older, life in all of this wonder and glory somehow seemed ordinary. We have fallen under a spell of seeing this glorious life as no big deal. All it takes again for us to open our eyes again to wonder is changing our perspective. Changing our thoughts. Life is meant to be creative. Life is meant to be powerful. In order for us to feel like a winner we have to visualize ourselves in the winners’ circle.

We have to direct our thoughts. We have to visualize the outcome that we want. And keep focused and never let anything or anyone put us off our focus. Just like an athlete, we must practice taking our thoughts higher and higher until we glide right over obstacles.

Like a swimmer, we have to dive into the water and keep doing strokes to get where we want to go. Easy, buoyant strokes. We have to remember that the power of God is in every breath we take, every stroke our arms make. Notice how the clear water supports our bodies, effortlessly, once we know how to swim.

Swimming is a process. If we don’t understand the process, keeping the rhythm  is hard, but then as we learn the timing of breath and strokes, it gets easier and effortless. Our thoughts are like that. Untrained they go willy-nilly, to whatever is in vogue at the moment. Winners take charge of their thoughts. They say things to themselves like, ‘I am successful. I am a winner I have everything I need to be in the winner’s circle.’ Every day in so many ways you build your identity bit by bit through your thoughts. What thoughts are most dominant in your life right now?

All we have to do to change our perspectives in step up into the Winner’s Circle


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Tapping into the Hero in Us

Who among us does not want to be loved, honored, and respected in our lives? We all have those same basic needs. We all want to be loved by our families, respected for the work we do, and in some way honored and acknowledged for something we are proud of in our lives.

We all want to be a friend and have friends, and do something that matters beyond our own lives. We all want someone who is loyal to us through the ups and downs of our journey on earth. We expect our lives to be happy and successful. When something other than that happens to us our families, we have to be able to get back up dust ourselves off and start all over again. That is the hero is us.

We have to trust in God even in hard times. When we lose a job or a business, when we have health issues that have gone on for way too long, it is only natural to be afraid. When something goes awry in our lives and particularly when it has been going on for too long, we simply want to return to health and happiness. If we don’t, we often get depressed or blame those around us or ourselves. We can’t quite see out of the fix we are in to be able to tap into God’s power in our lives.

That is where the power of resilience kicks in. When life is going well, and you are happy and successful and on top of the world, it is easy to take for granted all of the gifts given to you by Life itself. When something bad happens unexpectedly, like what feels like an earthquake in your life, it is especially imporatant to tap into the power of the Divine, to affirm over and over again, ‘my life is the life of God. It is filled with  courage, strength, and discipline and everything I need to get through this.’

It’s time to renew our minds and dig deeply, and affirm, ‘Life in it’s fullness is forever flowing around us. All the help that we need is around us’. The Spirit of God is all around us providing us with everything we need. We have to trust God as never before.

We have to create a new attitude, remembering that we are triumplant beings. We must return to faith and love, to be especially conscious of doing our affirmations. Our thoughts become things in the world around us. Say to yourself, ‘I am reslient. I am healing. I am getting better. I am strong. I am courageous. I will go forward into this new day showing my strength and tap into my hero consciousness.’ Watch how your life turns around. When it does, we’ll be able to inspire so many people with what we have been through. That’s the beauty of life.


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