Come Dance With Me

The Best is Yet to Come.

A sign on a Center for Spiritual Living advertising their Sunday sermon. To me, it was a sign from God. I have been visualizing my shoulder dancing and healing.

Let me explain. I had a painful frozen shoulder for five months. It was an athletic injury. I had lived with the pain, thinking that it would go away on its own. Now, I realize how crazy that was.

In the meantime, I couldn’t carry home my own groceries up my three flights of stairs. I was putting peppermint oil by the gallon on at night so that I could sleep. I asked my doctor for an Rx for 800-strenght Motrin to help me through the pain.

When the pain became too great to bear, I went in to see a shoulder specialist, a tall 6′ 8″ surgeon, who formerly was an athlete. While he towered over me, when he put two fingers on my shoulder. The pain was so great, my knees buckled. He diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder. Two weeks later, he did a two-minute noninvasive surgery, call an MUA, manipulation under anesthesia.

The same day of the surgery, I went to a rehab gym where the Richard, the owner, worked on my limp arm. It hung like a wet noodle, with a nerve block still in it. It was fascinating how a nerve block could cut off the mind’s connection to the body. I could not move my hand without lifting it up with my other hand. I tried with all my might to make a fist, and the fingers stayed flat and still. Wow!

While Richard was working on my body, he had me visualize my body whole and perfect in every way.  He told me to imagine with my mind that my shoulder was freed up where it had been constricted, dancing like there was no tomorrow.

While he worked on me, he taught me to visualize my shoulder before and after. Before –  my shoulder was in a crowded tent with a lot of people moving in chaos, trying to be free, and it kept hitting against the tent and the people in the most jarring and painful manner.

After – my shoulder being free. My shoulder was in a high, beautiful tent with a great dance band playing. It was free and dancing in wild abandon. All of the people in the tent cleared the way. They began to cheer as my dance partner (my mind) and I took the floor and danced together in perfect freedom.

What a difference visualizing dancing made in my mind. During that tortuous rehab process, I’ve visualized my shoulder as Dancing with Stars, the audience clapping for us, and my mind and me getting a perfect 10 score.

Every time that we are healing a part of our body, we have to visualize perfection, so that our mind can tell our body the perfect pattern for healing. We have to love our body, especially while it it is healing. We have to let the spirit move the body. We have to believe that everything in us is connected. Because it really is. That is the nature of our miraculous, holistic bodies.  We balance and optimize our mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. We must love our bodies, even as they heal.

It is the wise person who knows how to use their mind and their spirit to heal their bodies. Great doctors who assist in healing the body know that it is the spirit as well as the mind that will be ultimately make our bodies pain-free. What a joy that is. Come dance with me in freedom, knowing how powerful and well-connected our minds, our spirits and our body really is.

About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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