Time for a Positive Change

“Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” — Stephen Covey

The energy of a person is undeniable. It will live on forever. When we leave this earth, what changes? Our energy, our spirit transforms into something higher. Every person has a unique energy field. Artists can draw from it. Songwriters can tap into it. Preachers can preach about it. Dancers can move their bodies to it. Musicians can feel the energy of the beat in music. Writer’s can choose words that inspire and energize others to act.

There is something beautiful in each of us, something precious and innocent. To be filled with this knowledge of our own gifts is the most beautiful feeling, something everyone is attracted to, something we call love. In moments of beauty and tenderness, our hearts are wide open. They can feel compassion and love everywhere. Sometimes we can feel with our hearts the living energy of a beloved friend, a magnificent city, or the peaceful feeling of home.

We can feel the energy of a city, like Paris, D.C., New York, Barcelona or Chicago. If you are lucky, sometimes a city’s energy matches your own.  I live by the water. I can feel the energy of the sea, and the sunshine’s warmth of my face and the wisdom of old trees. I can feel the balmy energy of Palm Springs. I can feel the strength of the Rocky Mountains. I can feel the chaotic energy of the Las Vegas strip.

Whenever we are in need of a positive change or even a miracle, something in us always reaches higher for inspiration, for music that makes us feel like life is beautiful, for something beyond ourselves. If we are lucky we can find a peaceful and beautiful place to just be for a while. If we keep looking with our hearts, we can always find peace and beauty in the world around us, no matter where we are or what we are going through at the time.

Take time to become aware. There truly is no shortage of love or peace or beauty. Often, when it is time for change or a miracle, we can feel restless. We can feel like this time will never end, that at this stage of our lives we could be doing something different or better than what we are doing. It is only natural to feel that way, to quest for something higher.

Our lives are filled with change, if only we keep pointing our minds to the positive, training our eyes to see beauty everywhere, and our hearts open to love. You will find your way to higher ground.

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Turning Hard Times To Better Times

“Momma said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” —Forrest Gump

Life is often like a roller coaster, and often like a Ferris wheel, but for me now, it most resembles a garden full of green growing things. The metaphor of the garden rings true,   as Joni Mitchell, wrote in her song, Both Sides Now.  I have seen new life coming into this world and I have seen death up close and personal. I have seen pain and I have seen so much happiness.

Painful times seem like they will last forever. When I was young, I lost both of my parents, I didn’t know the secret to life, yet.  I didn’t know that being grateful is the antidote to pain. I didn’t know that doing something you love, like art makes you feel better.  I just thought you had to live through the pain unil you finally woke up and the pain was less. Over the years I have learned to transform my pain into a positive way of being, knowing that I will learn so much from this pain. If only I allow it.

I have created my own personal list to use for when I am deeply saddened or when I just need a little more inspiration.

Calling a highly empathetic friend
Lying with my two cats, Bo and Violet on my chest and and wondering how they could possibly get so much love in their small bodies

Looking at old pictures
Reading my happiness log
Remembering the names of those who love me
Memories of when I felt most proud of myself
Meditating with a candle
Going to my favorite outdoor yoga class
Outstanding teachers that I have learned from
Reading an inspirational book
Listening to a great Ted talk
Having gratitude for all the great beauty that I have seen

Listening to my favorite music, Joni Mitchell or Eva Cassidy
Remembering all the people who have died and realizing that there are angels watching over me
Calling on a friend who needs my help
Remembering that Something Greater than I know myself to be is watching over me
Seeing a favorite painting I have not seen for a while
Knowing that I am doing the very best that I can do at this exact moment
Allowing a feeling of love to wash over me

That is the only way I get through sadness. I used to get migraine headaches that hurts so badly they caused me to lie in my bed for hours. And then I found the secret, to do something that takes me out of my body like picking up a brush and painting. Whenever I would paint, the headache was magically gone. When I would stop painting, my head would feel better.

Transform your feelings into something positive. Know with me that you are never alone. You may feel  alone but there is an unlimited supply of love right inside of you and you can use it. Little by little, life transforms everybody’s pain into their greatest glory, if we will only let it. I know that love is the greatest miracle cure on the planet. Try a little love and gratitude and see if it doesn’t make you feel better.


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Knowing When it is Time to Leave

“Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream”Oprah Winfrey


I love what Oprah said about knowing when is time for a change. At first Life whispers in your ear. And if you still don’t hear that whisper, Life knocks louder. If you still don’t pay attention, Life throws a brick upside your head.

We all love the familiar. Whether it be a relationship that is not working, a job that is not working, or a living space that does not fit us anymore. That old feeling caused us to imagine that we have inertia. “Why can’t I move? Why do I feel stuck? Why isn’t my life working anymore.” We love the old familiar so much that we fail to listen and take action that we know would make our lives better.

How many times have I said, “God get me out of here.” When I knew where the door was. All I had to do was move my feet and walk toward it. At times like these, I feel that I am literally shackled, like a prisoner, wearing a black and white jumpsuit, with iron chains on my feet and a heavy black iron ball that prevents me from going anywhere.

I really want to listen when God whispers to me. But somehow the pull of the familiar gets a hold of me. I say things to myself like, “It’s not so bad. Maybe it will get better. Maybe I am misreading the signs.” When I would be better off by shouting, “Run for the door!”

These are some of the lines of thought that keep me rooted in place when I know I would be far better off, if I leave this ‘not-good’ situation that has grown too small for my comfort or my growth. One of the beautiful things about life is, it is never too late to change and walk toward the open door. All we need to remember is that we deserve better.

I have hung myself up for years by staying in the same place when I know it would be far better to have acted years ago, when God first whispered in my ear. One of the most important things that I have learned is that God is always at hand. As my favorite spiritual teacher, Michael Beckwith said quoting scipture, “God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.”

When we finally listen to our God-given intuition, that ‘still small voice’, which is right inside of us, God will prevail and make a way out of no way.  Our God is an awesome God, filled with unconditional love. He/She does not hold grudges. She/He wants the best for all of us. All we have to do is finally decide to unlock the chains that are binding us and set ourselves free.

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Say ‘Yes’ to Life

Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment… Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life – and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you. —Eckhart Tolle

I can’t think of another single decision that will change our lives any more than the ability to say, “yes” to life’s opportunities. This is how I found myself in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas having just agreed to speak at a friend’s memorial service.

Pete and his wife helped me start my own record promotion business.  At the time, I was bold. I had a vision. I was going to help singers promote their music. Pete and Tina gave me my first break. I did not know at the time how much about life, I would learn from the two of them or how long those great lessons would last.

Pete was a quiet and kind man. He and his wife had already lived out their dreams of being music history makers. Now they were in a place to help other people succeed and live out their dreams.

The greatest lessons I learned from Pete and Tina were about kindness, courage, and generosity. They started a new record label. They came into the office every day just to help and support artists who hoped to write lyrics, record songs, engineer hits and produce them.

Tina worked behind the scenes. She was the wind beneath Pete’s wings. She made sure that the office was staffed and cleaned. She made sure that she paid everybody on time,  whether they had a hit or not.  She made sure that everybody had the resources they needed to fulfill their dreams.

I never heard Pete talk about his many awards. I only heard him give out his wisdom. They believed in the future. They wanted to teach the next generation to keep believing in their dreams, despite the lack of evidence. They knew from experience sometimes a hit is unprediticable. Pete’s philosophy was to experiment, and try something else. Never give up on the dream inside of you.

Young hipsters were excited to be working with an icon like Pete.  Some said, “Yes I’ll come and work with you.”  They wrote lyrics, recorded a song or two. And then when the song fizzled out, gave up. Few knew the hard work it takes, breathing new life and pouring energy into a dream every day. Watchng a dream happen sometimes takes a lot of time. Not everybody was ready for the long-haul.

What I learned from Pete and Tina is that when someone gives you a chance, take it. If God put a dream inside of you, no matter how unlikely it seems, follow it. Somebody will give you an opportunity when you least expected it. Say, “Yes,” to that opportunity. You may not always succeed in business, but I can guarantee that you will learn so much about life simply by trying.

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Freeing Ourselves from the Past

“Her mind traveled crooked streets and aimless goat paths, arriving sometimes at profundity, other times at the revelations of a three-year-old.” –Toni Morrison

I woke up this morning lying in bed thinking of all the things that I had to do. My day didn’t feel like much fun. I was feeling overwhelmed with my day before I even got out of bed. I had to pack for a trip out of town, get ready for two classes, drive through L.A. traffic. I was making myself tired before I ever got out of bed.

Then I said, “Wait a minute. I know better than this.  I have trained my mind to take it easy, to focus on one thing at a time.” I remembered the passage from Louise Hay’s book Mirror Work, that I had just read before I went to bed last night.

She said that we are all the ages we have ever been and she reminded me that I had not talked to my inner 5-year-old for quite a while. She reminded me that I need to love that inner child and I need to make peace with that young girl. That young girl was unconsciously being scolded too much by me and not having enough fun. When did I grow up to become this serious adult?

I grew up with a mother who really loved me. But she was very hard on herself. She would black out her face in every school picture with a dark spot of ink. I never got to talk to her about while she was alive, it but I assume that she did not like her face at all.

My mother was a beauitul woman. My mother was a happy person, a teacher, an artist. She expected the best out of me. I remember her writing her friends in Florida letters in her big beautiful cursive handwriting, bragging about me, and how smart I was.  I did not want to let her down so I followed her lead and worked extra hard. Unfortunately, this became a lifetime habit. I thought that I had to earn everyone’s love by really working hard.

Now I realize that I’m in charge of my own life. I can do whatever I want. I can start the day out with fun if I want to. I don’t have to achieve a lot. I simply have to be my creative, loving self.

Thank you Louise Hay for this golden insight. The alibity to relax could be life-altering, if we let it. We have the right to make this day anyway we like it. Why not make it good? It could be great or not so great, depending on the way that we set up our thoughts and our minds, and the way we react to the world around us.

So much of our lives our lives are lived out of habit, unconsciously from the past. I want to peel layer after layer away way, like an onion, to live my life in joy, be happier and be free from my own past. We all want freedom and lightness in our lives. Life is not as serious as we make it out to be. Take time today, remind yourslef to not be overwhelmed and to have some lightness and fun.

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A Letter to my Body

Most of us have heard at some point or another that it is beneficial to write a letter to our loved ones that have passed. Or to write a letter to someone that we need forgiveness from or need to forgive. This process is also applied in a lot of rituals and therapeutic sessions. It is beneficial and extremely healing to let go or release of any anger or resentment, without the necessity to send the letter; the act alone of writing it makes the difference.

Therefore, I believe that it is important to write a letter to our bodies. We take for granted the beauty of our bodies. We take for granted the work that all of our organs do on a daily basis. The job that our cells do is incredible. The way that our heart pumps blood to all of our organs including the brain so they can function correctly. All of these beautiful organs and cells require exquisite and nutritious food, they require water, and they require our love. They also require movement, exercise. Our bodies are made to move not to stagnate. However, we neglect this. So this letter is to acknowledge my beautiful body.

Dear Body,

Dear beautiful body of mine. I am sorry if I ever criticized you or if I neglected you. If I put you down for not looking the way I wanted you to look. I am sorry if I ever criticized these beautiful hands, these beautiful feet that take me everywhere. I am sorry if I ever criticized or complained about this figure just for not being the figure that I desired. I apologize for not feeding you the right foods for so long. For taking you for granted and so many times not giving you the water that you needed. I am grateful to you, Even though I neglected or didn’t realize your value you still function and always tried do your best. I am learning to love you just the way you are. To appreciate every part and acknowledge the miracle that it is to have a body.

Dear body, I love you! I am grateful for always giving me your best. I am committed to loving you and respecting you. I am committed to nourishing you with exquisite and nutritious food. I love the fact that I am learning to love you and appreciate you for the beautiful jewel that you are. I love my hands, my arms, my hair, the white hair that represents the wisdom of my years.

Dear body, you are the reason that I became a health coach. To learn what does our bodies good and what does not. Our beautiful brain it is such a beautiful organ/muscle that also needs care. I am grateful to finally realize how important you are and what a miracle you are. I am committed to you. I love you.

Martha Bass


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Embracing the New

I just turned 47 years-old. I have been experiencing changes in my body for the last year or so. It all started with extremely heavy and irregular menstrual periods and some weight-gain in my tummy area. I did not think anything of it or made it a big deal. However, I was getting ready for a class I was attending at the time, and I couldn’t make it. The bleeding was too much for me to get out of the house.

The next Sunday at church I was talking to my minister and I explained to her the reason for not coming to class. She very politely, without many words, gave me a menopause book. She explained that it was “that time” and that it would be very beneficial for me to read. I did not say anything except “Thank you.” But when I was driving home, all I did was bitch and complain about it. “Menopause??? Me? I am so young. I am only 46. OH NO! She must be mistaken.” I put the book away and forgot all about it.

A couple of months went by, and I was talking to a dear friend of mine. We were having so much fun, and I explained to her the symptoms that I was experiencing and the changes in my body. We left it at that. The next day I got a gift at my door. It was a book on “menopause” she had sent it to me as a gift. One of the best books I have ever read regarding women and the change of life, The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup. However, at the time that I received that book, I was said, “You have got to be kidding me… I am only 46. They must be mistaken again. Hahaha, menopause yeah right.”

Of course, I started reading the book at the same time that I was complaining about it. But my friends were right. I fought the idea for over eight months, saying that I was not on menopause that that is for old people and so on. It wasn’t until I made peace with the fact that my body is changing and I am just getting wiser, and I have decided to embrace this new stage of my life.

I have decided to love my self through this process. I am eating as if I love myself even though I see no changes in my body, but at least my body is not getting worse. I have committed to exercise at least four days a week. I talk to my body on a daily basis to let my beautiful body know that we are going through some changes and that they are only temporary. This too shall pass. It was not until I made peace with the so-called peri-menopause that I was able to do something about it. Yes, there are times that I want to cry for no reason. However, I catch myself and talk to myself in a loving manner, letting myself know that the changes are okay. I sit alone for a while taking a couple of deep breaths and calm my mind down. Therefore my whole physiology changes and I feel better in no time.

Once we learn to embrace the new and stop fighting it. Everything changes, new ideas emerge. It becomes easier to take action. We allow Life to show us what a beautiful experience it is to be here in this wonderful thing called life.

Martha Bass

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