Stepping into the Winner’s Circle

What makes you feel like a winner? You already are a winner. You have everything it takes. You have natural God-given intelligence. Inside of your body, every cell has been perfectly crafted. There are limitless possibilities inside of you. That already makes you a winner in this game called life. The odds of you even being born were 400,000 trillion to 1. (source Huffinton Post, Are you a Miracle, June 2011, Dr. Ali Binazir)

And yet you made it.

You graduated successfully from infant to taking your first step when you were a toddler. The world was full of wonder. Everything you touched with your small fingens, every fragrance that you smelled, everything that you put in your mouth was a joy, a delight, an amazing wonder. You were learning by reaching out into life itself to see what was around you that was so delightful.

And then something happened. As we got older, life in all of this wonder and glory somehow seemed ordinary. We have fallen under a spell of seeing this glorious life as no big deal. All it takes again for us to open our eyes again to wonder is changing our perspective. Changing our thoughts. Life is meant to be creative. Life is meant to be powerful. In order for us to feel like a winner we have to visualize ourselves in the winners’ circle.

We have to direct our thoughts. We have to visualize the outcome that we want. And keep focused and never let anything or anyone put us off our focus. Just like an athlete, we must practice taking our thoughts higher and higher until we glide right over obstacles.

Like a swimmer, we have to dive into the water and keep doing strokes to get where we want to go. Easy, buoyant strokes. We have to remember that the power of God is in every breath we take, every stroke our arms make. Notice how the clear water supports our bodies, effortlessly, once we know how to swim.

Swimming is a process. If we don’t understand the process, keeping the rhythm  is hard, but then as we learn the timing of breath and strokes, it gets easier and effortless. Our thoughts are like that. Untrained they go willy-nilly, to whatever is in vogue at the moment. Winners take charge of their thoughts. They say things to themselves like, ‘I am successful. I am a winner I have everything I need to be in the winner’s circle.’ Every day in so many ways you build your identity bit by bit through your thoughts. What thoughts are most dominant in your life right now?

All we have to do to change our perspectives in step up into the Winner’s Circle



About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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