Good Energy

I had to really work hard to keep ahead of fear and worry this past week. I had to make so make so many major and unexpected decisions at what seemed like lightning speed, like whether to lose my university health insurance or take an early unpaid leave.

I sorely needed to keep my good energy flowing. Fortunately, I had help. I went to a Kundalini yoga studio. The yoga teacher could see that my energy was out of balance. She suggested that I rebalance my energy by a combination of breathing and touching the meridians in my fingertips.

The Satnam meditation she suggested sounds like a chant and uses the fingertips to open and anchor the words in the body. It’s easy to do and can be done in a seated meditation or in a walking meditation.  The word Satnam comes from Sanskrit: sat and nam. Sat in Sankrit means “truth of being” and can be translated to “existence.” Nam means “name.”  It can be translated in English, “God is truth.” Or, “I bow to my higher self.”

One thing is for sure, saying the word satnam over and over has the effect of transcending your deepest worries and bringing calmness to your spirit.  When you need to return to your formerly worry-free self again, it brings power back into your life. Here is how the meditation works. When you say:

  • “SA,” touch the index fingers to your thumbs.
  • With the sound “TA,” touch your middle fingers to your thumbs.
  • As you say “NA,” touch your ring fingers to your thumbs.
  • When you say “MA,” touch your pinky fingers to your thumbs.

Then, repeat with the sound “SA” and move through the fingers again. Keep this meditation simple, falling into a natural rhythm without forcing it. Keep it going for five minutes. I promise it will bring a calmness and good energy back into your life.


About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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