Planting Seeds under the Full Moon

I went to a wonderful full moon meditation tonight. It was called, Planting Seeds. The facilitator asked us to plant some seeds of intention, for example, I intend to inspire people with my writing, my speaking, and my painting. This will be a joyful process for the greater good of myself, for the universe, and for the good all involved.

The meditation was full of a cross-section of people who wanted to serve humanity through their unique gifts. In this circle of 38 people, I could feel their energy right there supporting me, visioning with me, for a more peaceful, more beautiful world, a world that works for all. Each of us got in contact with our higher selves, with our hearts, with a deeper connection and we all rose up into a higher vision.

The format went like this: first, we meditated and then we were given an imaginary book. In the back were blank pages. It was the book of our life. In the front were all the pages of our life. The teacher asked us to imagine looking through the book of our life experiences and to throw away what no longer serves us.

And then she took us back into the full moon meditation and she asked us to write our intentions on the blank pages at the back, imagining that we were writing with our  non-dominant and more creative hand. This was the dream page, the intention page.

And then the teacher asked us to say out loud, “My name is ________ and I intend to do something specific in my life for the greater good of myself and of the Universe and for all involved. Then she asked us to say, “Are you with me?” And we all responded, Yes!”

I hope that as you meditate tonight on the last full moon before springtime that you will create your intentions and as you do, know that God is always with you and the greater Life around you is always on your side.


About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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