Peace of Mind

Sometimes peace of mind can seem a million miles away. When I awoke this morning I saw the sunlight streaming through by bedroom windows. And I realized that like a silent dove, peace had come sneaking in sometime while I lay sleeping. I believe it was because of the affirmation I repeated over and over again in my waking hours.

It seems that peace of mind can be so hard to find these days, with all the things going on in this modern-day world. Things like political unrest, loss of jobs, all that we have to keep up with in the high-tech world of technology.

When we allow ourselves to be relaxed, our minds become clearer. We have more energy to deal with the world with ease and grace. In this peaceful state our lives become much more fluid. We naturally become more tolerant of ourselves and other people. When we do that, things in the outer world seem to take care of themselves.

If we cultivate a peaceful presence, we stand a better chance of radiating a peaceful energy to everyone who we come in contact with.  And that peace of mind is worth everything. In that relaxed state, we can give out more love and creativity in everything we do. And peaceful people make the world seem like a friendly place to be.

The world needs you, your good energy, your positive state of mind.  And the things you give out will come back to you a hundred times over. Know with me today, I am a peaceful person. I live in a peaceful state of mind. My world is friendly. I am safe.  All is well in my world.






About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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