Loving the Process

If you are waiting until you think you look good to allow yourself to feel good, you will be a dog forever chasing its tail. – Jena La Flamme

We have been programed to think that we are going to achieve happiness once we get something or somewhere. Instead of enjoying the journey and being happy in the process. I had my six-year-old grandson with me last weekend; he was telling me that he couldn’t wait to be nine years old. “Nine,” I said? “You are not even seven, you barely turned six, why do you want to be nine already?”

“Oh! Because I can walk to school or record a video.” He gave me all the specifics of why he wanted to be nine-years-old so badly. And this is what we do all the time. We are in such a hurry to get somewhere that we forget to enjoy the now. We hear this all the time, but so often we seem to forget.

Same thing goes if we are trying to lose weight. Just like Jena Le Flamme said, “If you are waiting until you think you look good to allow yourself to feel good, you will be a dog forever chasing its tail.” And this is extremely true because we are telling ourselves that we are not good enough, that we are unworthy the way we are now, at this very moment. We have to love and accept ourselves right now. Enjoy the journey.

I am in the process of losing weight; but I am loving myself now, with these extra pounds that are waiting to be shed away, because I am good enough regardless of my weight. So when I achieve my goal, I won’t sabotage it unconsciously, because my subconscious mind doesn’t feel like I deserve it.

This is true for everything. If we have a health problem, we can’t stop showing love to our body now, until it gets healed. Our bodies feel the love or the absence of love. We have to love it and enjoy the healing journey, ENJOY THE PROCESS. I guarantee you the weight will shed away quickly, and the healing will come faster if we put this into practice.

We need to set the intention to experience joy now, embody ourselves, completely, NOW. To own ourselves COMPLETELY. This is our beautiful self that relies on our love to be able to succeed and to embrace the best version of ourselves.

Martha Bass



About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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