New Year, New Choices

It is 2017 already, a brand New Year. Where did the year go? Everything is happening so fast. We are so excited for the holidays, for Thanksgiving to be here, then Christmas and now, the year 2017 is finally here. We all have the hope that the New Year brings better health, abundance, prosperity, a skinny body and so on, the list just gets bigger. But the truth is that even if it’s a New Year, if we don’t do what it takes, nothing will happen.

Like our wonderful Tony Robbins says. New Year = A New Life! Decide today who you will become, what you will give, and how you will live. Because we have to set the intentions, we have to decide what is what we really want for 2017, and for the rest of our lives. So many times we go on without knowing what we want, and we just let life past us by.

Today is a great day to start. Meditate, pray or just be quiet for a while and go within, see what is that you really want without judgments, write your intentions downs, writing is a powerful force. After you decide what you want and write down your intentions, write SMALL steps that need to be taken to accomplish your goals. Remember little steps built a nest. The brain and the subconscious mind work better when we give it small tasks, it will be easier to believe it and when it believes its possible “It comes to Pass” Be grateful while doing this, love the process, don’t put any doubt regardless of what it is. Instead have fun, smile and imagine the love, the joy that this intentions will bring to you, allow your body to feel these sensations of this great achievements. Live it, feel it and welcome it.

Happy New Year my wonderful people, I know that this year will be your year because you have the power to create.

Martha Bass

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