Christmas of love

Its Christmas, I am in my living room drinking my coffee; I love the quietness, taking a deep breath and trying to feel what Christmas is all about. We celebrate the life of one man, mostly all over the world, and we also made it a holiday, why? We chose to, we believed in it, we celebrate the love that he was, even if we choose to be Christians or not. It is celebrated all over. We buy gifts, make cookies, cook exquisite meals, spend it with our family and love ones, or we chose to spend them alone, just being grateful of the fact that we are alive and are here enjoying the power of love.

I was born in and raised Catholic, went to a private catholic school, my teachers were nuns, my overall experience was not a pleasant one, I grew up full of fear because God was a punishing mean God, everything was a sin and we as kids were going to hell for misbehaving, when in reality all we were doing was just enjoying being a kid. Now as an adult and after years of reading and feeding myself the true essence of God, I have a totally different point of view of what God is, a loving and powerful God, but even though I understood differently, I still carried that resentment of the Catholic church with me, I judged it like if the religion itself was a bad thing, I got angry at the fact that my mom like the rosary or would go to mass, and after so many breakdowns regarding this, I had a breakthrough just couple days ago, my beloved mentor and dear friend took me to a beautiful museum in Orange county to see a special exposition about the Virgin Mary, wow, after reading the beautiful story with an open mind and without judgment, I was able to see the beauty of faith,  the healing powers that we all believe at some point of our lives, what a relieve that was, understanding the delicacy, the beauty of faith, trust and love.

I made peace with my mother today, gave her for the first time a beautiful rosary as a gift and thank her for always praying for me and my wellbeing, I made it an intention to enjoy the beautiful day and just go with the flow, without control of how the day should unfold.

Let’s enjoy this beautiful day with our love ones or alone, however we choose to, but let’s do it with love and peace of mind.

Martha Bass,

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