Sailing with God

Lifted and Guided into the ‘Wild Blue Yonder’

I heard a beautiful talk this weekend by Karen Rice, Science of Mind minister.  She provided the image of setting your sails to the wind and letting the divine guide you like the wind.  I love that visual image.  Imagine a wild blue sky, the freedom to sail away to new territory, undiscovered lands, to go anywhere you want.  The beauty of the sailing ship, knowing that having charted a course, the divine carries you forward, the wind lifting and supporting your journey and the desires of your heart.

What a comfort, knowing that you are not sailing alone, a small human on a vast and frightening sea where anything can happen and all that you have to rely on are your limited sailor’s skills.  Between the safety of the shore and the hoped-for destination lies a sea of unknown challenges, mysteries that can’t be known.  Relying on human capabilities, most of us feel fragile, vulnerable, daunted by the distance, afraid of the unknown.  In the old days, beyond the known territories, certain maps were marked, “Beyond thar be dragons.”

Imagine setting your sails, sailing away with all the confidence that you are guided, protected, and directed by the divine, with its infinite knowledge and power, knowing that you are never alone.  A benediction at one of my old churches began, “Know with me that you are never alone.  God is where you are, right now.  You are guided protected, and surrounded by a God who knows only good.”  If only we believed this, what might we achieve?  How much bigger might our lives be?  How much more beauty, artistry, connection, and love might we be able to express in this world?


About LoveHeals

Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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