Words as Appetizers

Words as Appetizers

Words are powerful.  They form images in the mind.  Try it with me and see.  If you say the words, ‘soft brie,’ you can imagine the cheese, its yellowish white color.  Envision its soft creamy texture, get a feel for the roundness of its shape, and the wedge of its size.  Thinking about Brie might make you hungry.  It could cause you to unexpectedly leave home and take a trip to Trader Joe’s.  If you say the word, ‘crisp apple,’ other images come to mind, perhaps thin red skin, white porous insides, and the sensation of juice.  Each of these short word choices produces pictures that travel across the mind, often creating desire, perhaps leading to action.

Affirmations work in this same way, allowing the mind to create pictures, to run a neurological groove of new thoughts, images, and ideas.  They are especially powerful when repeated for 21 days (the timeframe believed necessary to produce new habits).  An affirmation focuses the mind on an idea, capitalizing on the power of the mind to create visuals.  The basis of advertising is framed on the concept of visualization.  The idea that when you see something in front of you, when a thought or product is placed in the forefront of the conscious mind, repeated with frequency, and visually appealing, something happens.  The idea often triggers a response.

We can use these principles of the power of visualization to our personal advantage.  We can create our own positive messages.  We can begin to repeat them frequently, with feeling, and then watch what happens.  Try it, you just may find yourself moving in surprising directions.

How to create an affirmation

1.  Use a short, simple declarative sentence.

2.  Frame it in the present tense and make it so that you can believe it.

3.  Place it where you can see it.

4.  Repeat it to yourself frequently and allow it to seep into the depths of your mind.

Here is an example – “I use my highest gifts.  In so doing, I am happy, loved, and financially successful.”

Bon appetit…


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Some people say I make them laugh. Some people say I inspire them. I'm hoping to connect some of the things I've learned along life's road with some of the people who could use a dose of humor and inspiration.
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